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"Chris Wood has worked with my son for 2 years both during the school year and in the summer program.  Chris has the unique ability to make learning fun!  He has built my son's confidence in both himself and his abilities, while holding him accountable for demonstrating each learned skill.  He has assisted my son in math, science and language arts with great results in comprehension, motivation, and grades.  My son looks forward to his tutoring sessions and seems to always come away with tips and tricks to assist him in remembering and applying the skills he has learned.  I would recommend the summer program and the yearlong program if you want your child to excel in a favorite subject, learn to love a disliked subject or learn overall study skills and habits."  

— Joan

"Last summer we had Mr. Wood tutor both of our children and we were very impressed with the results.  Our son who was entering 6th grade was so far advanced by the end of the summer that he placed into 7th Grade Extended Math class.  Mr. Wood helped our son maintain his focus and work habits throughout the summer.  We were pleased to see our son enter middle school confident in his abilities. Our daughter was a rising 2nd grader who always excelled in math, but having Mr. Wood work with her one on one extended her even farther. She has gained greater confidence and readily takes on new challenges in math. We are looking forward to Mr. Wood working with both of our children again this summer.  Because of his passion he has a true gift in teaching any child any subject."

— Sam and Michelle

"My son really benefited from the summer tutoring sessions Mr. Wood provided. It helped to keep him on track and not lose too much knowledge during the summer.  I appreciated Mr. Wood getting to know my child and his specific learning needs and tailoring the curriculum to him."  

— Susan

"Samantha was very patient and beyond helpful with my daughter in tutoring her with math. Samantha remained in constant communication with me updating me on the progress made and what they were going to continue working on for the next lesson. My daughter was very comfortable with her and would enjoy being tutored by her again."

— Lori

"My daughter came into 5th grade anxious about everything, especially math.  Mr. Wood was able to change her mindset and make her realize that making mistakes is ok and a necessary part of learning.  He worked with her over the summer to fill in any gaps she had in math before going to middle school and to keep encouraging her to not be afraid of a challenge.  As a result, she has excelled in her middle school math class and now says that math is her favorite subject.  Homework time does not end in frustration and tears anymore.  She is willing to work through hard problems and accept help from me without shutting down.  Her willingness to face challenges has helped her in all of her classes.  Mr. Wood has an amazing ability to build a relationship with students where they are willing to step outside of their comfort zones and achieve things they didn't think were possible."

— Amy C., parent and TCWES Counselor

"Mr. Wood's summer camp was exactly what we were looking for for our boys. Our youngest really enjoyed learning and growing new skills with various math concepts while our oldest was able to confidently transition from elementary school to middle school. As parents, it exceeded our expectations and kept their minds fresh during the chaos of the summer weeks." 

— Amy R.

“During tutoring that my son had in the summer, it helped him a lot to have confidence in math.  Also, he really likes Mrs. Curry!  I saw him happy and prepared during the experience.”

— Brenda

"Toward the end of my son's fourth grade year, my son struggled in math. He was a boy who loved school and learning new things, and to see him become so frustrated, so quickly, was difficult to witness. Homework became painful for us both and something to survive through each day. Then he had his first session with Mrs. Wiggins, and it was like the angels descended straight into our living room. She had a way of guiding my son's thought process in the right direction, and when he realized he knew the answer to the question she was asking, I could practically see the weight lift off his shoulders. Even when doubt started to creep its way into his head and he claimed not to know something, she gently steered him back by proving to him that he did know it, that he's done it before. At the end of his fourth grade year, my son was barely bringing home C's in math. Now, he's holding strong at an A. Homework is a breeze, and the smile on his face when he tells me something is "so easy" makes this mama proud."

— April

"Our two sons instantly connected with Mr. Wood and grasped the math concepts explained and demonstrated through tutoring.  In the end, both of our sons were more confident and equipped to handle math challenges on their own." 

— M & T

"Mr. Wood is a GREAT teacher, excellent focus on my boy’s development skills.  My children were taught in such an interesting and challenging way.  Most of all, he kept us informed of the lessons and our kids progression."

— Phuong

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